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Cranberry compôte

on your sandwich or with Christmas dinner
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Cranberries side

250 g cranberries
100 g cane sugar
100 ml freshly squeezed orange juice

How to sterilize preserve jars

Cranberries home

At a traditional Christmas dinner cranberry compôte is a beloved companion of meat and game. Moreover, the ruby red color looks so festive on a beautifully laid Christmas table. if wrapped nicely jars of cranberry compôte make a terrific Christmas presents, for your BFF or your Gran maybe.

How to make fresh cranberry compôte

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Wash the fresh cranberries.

Put a pan on medium heat.

Dissolve the sugar in the juice.

Add the berries, turn the heat low.

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Leave the berries to boil for app. 10 minutes, until you hear them pop.

Put the jars 5 minutes upside down then turn back up.

The cranberry compôte thickens when completely cooled.

You can keep cranberrie compôte - if it's stored cold and dark - for up to a year.

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At lunch cranberry tastes delicious too! A fresh corn bread bun with lettuce, paté, chives and cranberry tastes so good! And what do you think of a chicken, turkey or pork sandwich with cranberry? Super tasty!

TIP! If you wash the jars in the dishwasher on the hottest program (and close them immediately when done) you can use them straight away.