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Winter baby booties

we're going to knit
Winter, Needlework, Knitting, and Slippers
Baby booties sidepic
What do you need?
a ball of wool
knitting needles 8
big darning needle
piece of (faux) suede
needle and matching colour yarn
Baby booties sidepicll

Today we knit sweet little booties for a winter baby. We knit them completely straight (perhaps better known: garter stitch) and that is super easy, a child can do it. It knits also very quick, with this thick wool and needles. The 'suede' fringe and loops completes the booties.

How to make these winter baby booties

Baby booties 01
Baby booties 02
Baby booties 03
Baby booties 04

Roll a ball wool, cut it off.

Cast on twice 18 stitches.

Knit in garter stitch, to and fro.

Knit 5.5 cm in garter stich.

Start to decrease

Baby booties 05
Baby booties 06
Baby booties 07

Knit the first 2 stitches together.

Knit in garter until the last 2 stitches.

Knit the last 2 stitches together.

  • Knit 2 needles in garter stitch then repeat: knit 2 stitches together, knit in garter stitch until the last 2 stitches and knit them together.
  • Knit back en forth until the booties measure 11 cm from heel to toe.


Knit the final needle

Baby booties 08
Baby booties 09
Baby booties 10
Baby booties 11

Knit 2 stitches together, knit 2 stitches, repeat to the end.

Do not tie off, stick the tapestry needle through the stitches.

Pull the thread firmly tight then fasten it with a stitch.

Close the top of the bootie using the same thread.

Baby booties 12
Baby booties 13
Baby booties 14

Sew the heel closed with the thread that hangs on.

This is how your bootie should look.

Finish the second bootie in the same way.

Baby booties 15
Baby booties home

Cut a fringe in the larger pieces, fold the small pieces in half.

Sew fringe and loops on with a tiny lockstitch. Very cute!