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A joyful kitten's book
Picture Book, Animal Books, Animal Day, and Funny
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Author: Yasmeen Ismail
Illustrator: Jenny Desmond
Original language: English
Published: June 2019
Publishers: Walker Books Ltd.
ISBN13: 9781406385205
Price: € 15.99 (HC)
Age: 4 - 7 years

Joy by British author Yasmeen Ismail is a must for anyone who loves cats. Not just for toddlers, it is a beautiful picture book. Bol praises this book as follows: it makes you happy when you read it. Believe it or not, it's true. A cute kitten on adventure in her own little world, really super sweet and fun!

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The playful, fun illustrations are by Jenny Desmond. She is no stranger on snazzie, we have a lot of her beautiful books in our bookcase. They are all favorites of the mini-monsters, so we have them out a lot to read to them! No chore, because her books are also a pleasure for the readers.

3 bright sparkling stars for Joy, from all the young snazzie listeners and their readers!