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Happy Halloween
English language, Halloween, and Board Book
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Blippi - Happy Halloween
Author / Illustrator: Editors Studio Fun International
Original language: English
Published: July 2020
Publishers: Studio Fun International
ISBN13: 9780794445621
Price: € 5.99 (Cardboard Book)
Age: 2 years and up

There are countless videos for toddlers & preschoolers from Blippi on As stated on the back of this booklet You Tube Sensation Blippi ;)) You already understand Blippi is from America. Our little mini-monsters really like his internet videos.

Blippi likes to have fun, play and he sings lots of fun songs. But he also educates your toddler on lots of different subjects, all with a lot of fun and humor. Our little monsters really like his internet videos.
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Now there is also a Blippi book and it is funny, colourful and sweet. Blippi in the book looks perfectly like the 'real' Blippi. He tells what Halloween is (dressing up and lots of candy of course!) and he sews a costume, but for his dog!

The book is very sturdy, withstands small hands and it is nowhere scary or creepy. Our youngest listeners love Blippi!

3 glittering stars for Blippi - Happy Halloween, from our mini monsters!