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Chocolate apples

a healthy Halloween snack
With fresh fruit, Halloween, Snacks, and With chocolate
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Shopping list
3 apples
lollipop sticks
75g dark-chocolate (72%)
a sheet of baking paper

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A healthy Halloween snack with chocolate? Yes, that's possible! This snack is yummie and fun. Dark chocolate is a superfood, a piece every day is good for your health. That's why we dip our apples in Tony's dark chocolate, it is great that healthy snacking can also be really tasty.

How to make the chocolate apples

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Twist the stems from the apples.

Wash the apples thoroughly.

Then dry well.

Prick the sticks into the apples.

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Put out a sheet of baking paper.

Bring some water to a boil.

Meanwhile chop the chocolate.

When the water boils turn the heat low and place a second pan on top of the saucepan

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Allow the chocolate to melt.

Stir for a moment.

Rotate the appel in chocolate.

Make sure it's fully covered.

Spin the apple round for a moment or tap the stick gently on the rim of the pan to lose the excess chocolate.

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Place the apples on baking paper then put them in the fridge.

When the chocolate has set the apples are ready!