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Making collages

with Chris Haughton
Summer, Cutting & Pasting, Paper & Cardboard, and Animal Crafts

What do you need?
coloured paper or craft paper
a glue stick

Collages maken sidepic
Today we make a very special craft, very different than what you are used to on snazzie. In this video Chris Houghton shows you exactly how he makes his funny collages and we are happy to pass it on to you. Of course you can follow him and make his bear but it's even more fun to use your own imagination.The mini-monsters and we wanted to try it immediately!

Collage is a fun craft technique and once you start you get more and more good ideas.

Collages maken 01
Collages maken 02

Our collages may not be as brilliant as Chris Houghton's, but even so we are happy with the result!