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Into the forest

by Christiane Dorion
Biology, Nature, Picture Book, and Earth Day
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Into the Forest
Author: Christiane Dorion
Illustrator: Jane McGuiness
Original language: English
Published: November 2020
Publishers: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN13: 9781547604579
Price: € 27.99 (HC)
Age: 4 - 10 years

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Into the Woods is a beautiful nature picture book written by Canadian children's author Christiane Dorion. After receiving her PhD in environmental education, she developed a primary school program for the UK's World Wildlife Fund. She works with the Forum for the Future, a non-profit organization for sustainable development. With her books, Christiane wants to encourage children to protect our planet. Educating children through books as well as protecting the planet is foremost on Snazzie's mind and it is almost Earth Day!

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In the book you will find a lot of information about trees and animals and other forest phenomena, like toadstools and insects, with also search & find pages at the back of the book. It is printed on beautiful paper and the colors are fantastic. But the best are the illustrations by the British Jane McGuiness. The animals are beautifully drawn and so sweet. You see all kinds of trees depicted through the seasons, so beautiful! The mini monsters love the book!

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Everyone here is very happy with the new addition so...

The adult snazzie readers, young readers and listeners are happy to give Into The Forest 3 radiant stars!