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It's the Queen's Birtday!

and she's been 70 years on the throne
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Britain's Queen Elizabeth celebrates her Birthday today as well as her Platinum Jubilee. How special is this? Platinum means 70 years on the throne, that is unique in the world! In recent years, so many children's books about Queen Elizabeth have been published. All well-known children's book heroes are featured. We chose 12 books from our own collection, asdly some are now only available second-hand. But how fun are they!

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The queens birthday 02
The queens birthday 03

The Birthday Crown - Hard Cover - 20.00

Peppa goes to London - Paperback - € 11.99

Paddington at the Palace - Paperback - € 11.99

The queens birthday 04
The queens birthday 05
The queens birthday 06
The queens birthday 07

The Queen, Willow... - Paperback - € 21.63

Changing Guard - HC - Only second hand

Me, the Queen and Christopher - € 27.50

The Queen's Handbag - Paperback - € 11.99

The queens birthday 08
The queens birthday 09
The queens birthday 10

The Queen's Hat - Paperback - € 11.99

Pussycat, Pussycat - Hard Cover - € 12.99

Winnie-the-Pooh meets the Queen - Paperback - 5.34

The queens birthday 11
The queens birthday 12

Peppa meets the Queen - Paperback - € 6.99

The Queen's Orang Utan - Hard Cover - Temporarily not available

We expect that many more children's books will be released this year to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We are already looking forward to it ;))

We wish everyone lots of fun reading the books and have a happy birthday and Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth ll!