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We want to sew but ...

the kitchen garden is not ready, yet
Kitchen Garden, Sowing, and Spring
Redo kitchen garden side

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Redo kitchen garden sidell

Winter has gone, the Ice Saints (15 mei) too, time to sew. But the kitchen garden box is looking very sad, we have to give it a make-over first. We shovel the soil out of the box and scrub it with hot water and sodium. We saw 2 planks to place across the box for extra solidity, just put in some screws and we're done. Lucky we have help from a mini-monster!

Now we can shovel the soil back in and fertilize it with cow dung. We water the soil so it's moist when we put in the plants & seeds. We put the herbs who survived winter back in and sow some new herbs & veg. We also give the tomato seedlings a sunny spot outside!

Last year the biological beetroot, the fennel tubers and the pumpkins did not do (very) well, so we skip those this year. We now plant purchased cucumber, bell pepper and strawberry plants in the box and watch them grow. That's fun too ;)

Redo kitchen garden 01
Redo kitchen garden 02
Redo kitchen garden 03
Redo kitchen garden 04

We must empty the veggie patch box, a big job!

Two planks are sawed to divide the box into three.

There is sawing going on but also enthousiastic hammering.

The soil goes back into the box, or rather the 3 boxes!

Redo kitchen garden 05
Redo kitchen garden 06
Redo kitchen garden 07

The soil is mixed with fertilizer.

Then the menure is spread by hand.

Big lumps will be crushed.

Redo kitchen garden 08
Redo kitchen garden 09
Redo kitchen garden 10
Redo kitchen garden 14

The herbs will be placed in the half shade, in the bach we sow new.

In the soil holes are made to place the young tomato plants in.

In the middle the tomatoes get all the sunshine.

On the right little cucumbers, bell peppers, and radishes. 

  • In the left box we planted oregano, thyme and chives in front, in the back we sow flat parsley, sage, mint and basil.
  • In the middle box we replanted the beef tomatoes in the back, in the front young, coloured cherry tomato seedlings.
  • The right box has a cucumber plant and a bell pepper plant in the back, in the front we sow radishes.

The strawberry plant is hanging and the small olive tree stands in a flower pot

Redo kitchen garden 12
Redo kitchen garden 13
Redo kitchen garden 14

The cucumbers grow fast, the first one is almost ready to be harvested.

The same goes for the bell peppers, you see them grow every the day.

The strawberries are just colouring red, a little patience for now.

Redo kitchen garden 15
Redo kitchen garden 13

Now all the plants need to thrive is water (do not forget) and sunshine!

When all is neatly tidied away you are really tired from such a big job!

Wishing you all a lovely summer!