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The Grashopper

made of cardboard
Paper & Cardboard, Cutting & Pasting, Painting, and Animal Crafts
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What do you need?
4 empty toilet rolls
1 empty kitchen roll
4 pipe cleaners
2 wobbly eyes
piece of pink paper
green paint
a pencil
1 fret drill
a stapler
hobby glue

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The grasshopper is a very special animal, we just read that in Tuesday's fun book: Grasshopper on the road. So crafting a grasshopper yourself is super fun! Cutting and stapling is still too difficult for the mini-monsters. But they can paint the individual parts and that's great fun too!

How to make a Grasshopper

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Flatten the roll.

Cut the underside slanted.

Cut the head from the loose part.

Glue it into the tube.

Let the glue dry well

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Flatten the small tube.

Cut out hind and middle legs.

Dril 3 holes through and through.

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Stick in 3 pipe cleaners.

Staple the legs around the cleaners.

Draw the fore legs shorter.

Cut out 2 pairs! (not 4)

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Fold in small feet.

Paint the grasshopper yellow/green.

Paint on light coloured accents.

Allow the paint to dry completely.

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Stick eyes on the head.

Stick the feelers in the head.

Master Grasshopper is ready to go on the road!