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The sun

is our most important star
Cutting & Pasting, Painting, and Space Crafts
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What do you need?
a large sheet of white paper
large round plate or platter
a pencil & scissors
acrylic paint, yellow and orange
cling film
a large sheet of black photo cardboard
glue stick or hobby glue
goldpaint and paintbrush

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The most important celestial body for us, after the earth on which we live, is the sun. Imagine that the sun did not exist: it would be always dark on earth, there was no day and night. It would always be terribly cold, there were no seasons. People, animals and plants could not live on the earth if the sun were not there. Today we paint the sun, because it is so very beautiful and actually the sun is a miracle!

How to paint the sun

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Trace a big circle on the paper.

Cut out the circle.

Squeeze on two colours of paint.

Cover in cling film.

Rub gently all over the cling film with your hands, spreading the paint, all the way over the edge of the circle

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Remove the cling film.

Trace a circle on the cardboard, spread glue on.

Stick the painted circle on the black cardstock.

Place the circle gently on the cardboad then press it on using a clean cloth

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De zon sidepicll

Draw painted sunbeams from the sun.

Strike here and there gold paint on the sunbeams.

Stunning! Go and find a good spot for your sun ;))