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A Flower Press

is a lovely thing to make
Summer, Painting, and Woodworking
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What do you need?
a piece of plywood
pencil & ruler
a saw
a drill
sanding paper
4 wing nuts
a piece of cardboard
ine coloured varnish
acrylic paint and a brush

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Today we are making a wooden flower press ourselves. A nice job and also nice to be able to dry flowers so neatly. Although it went well between the boxes. Use your creativity and make your flower press as fun as you want.

How to make a wooden flower press

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Saw 2 pieces of 20x20cm multiplex.

Draw with a round object round corners on it.

Saw off all the corner points.

Sand the corners with medium coarse sandpaper neatly round.

Bloemenpers 05
Bloemenpers 06
Bloemenpers 07

Draw 4 crossen on the corners.

Drill a hole in the middle of the cross.

Check if the wing nut fits neatly.

Bloemenpers 08
Bloemenpers 09
Bloemenpers 09
Bloemenpers 11

Then drill holes in all 8 corners.

Sand the press on all sides.

Cut 2 squares of cardboard.

Press the bolt into the cardboard.

Place the cardboard exactly under the plywood parts when you push the bolt in to see where the hole should be

Bloemenpers 12
Bloemenpers 14
Bloemenpers 14

Punch the holes in the cardboard.

Varnish the flower press.

Allow the varnish to dry overnight.

Bloemenpers 15
Bloemenpers 16

Decorate the flower press with stamps or drawings.

As soon as the stamps are dry you can use the flower press.

Next time we'll show you how to make a nice frame with dried flowers :))