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A lovely Eid al Fitr present

Duizend-en één paarse jellaba's
Reading Book, Eid Festival, Celebrations around the World, and Illustrated
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Author: Lisa Boersen & Hasna Elbaamrami
Illustrator: Annelies vandenBosch
Original: Dutch
Translated into English: not
Published: June 2020
Publisher: Gottmer
ISBN13: 9789025773199
Price: € 14.99 (HC)
Age: 12 - 100 years

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Duizend en één paarse djellaba's (A Thousand and One Purple Djellabas) was written by two friends - Lisa Boersen and Hasna Elbaamrani - who used to spend their holidays visiting family in Morocco. They enjoyed writing about it in this cool picture book. It is an adventurous, cheerful story in which you get from one funny situation to the next. A book to love and to read often!

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The warm, beautifully colored prints by Annelies VandenBosch are so atmospheric that you imagine yourself in Morocco, when you look at them.

3 radiant shining stars for Duizend-en-één paarse djellaba's, from all the snazzie readers!