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A hamburger surprise

Cutting & Pasting, Felt, Sinterklaas, Sewing, and Sinterklaas surprise
Hamburger surprise sidepic
What do you need?
a cardboard box
a piece of styrofoam
brown felt & green fleece (or other fabric)
acrylic paint and brushes
Hamburger surprise home

For a girl who loves food we make a supersize burger. We start with cardboard, we cut everything that goes on a hamburger and then we paint it. Then we cut polystyrene and we sew a little ;) This surprise will be really great!

How to make a supersize burger

Hamburger surprise 01
Hamburger surprise 02
Hamburger surprise 03
Hamburger surprise 04

Football and reading we did already, so J. choose food!

Draw and cut a cicle from the box, to make the beef.

Paint the circle brown using acrylic paint, let the paint dry.

Cut a rectangle from the box and paint it yellow.

Cut a slice of tomato and 2 slices of pickle out of the same box.

Hamburger surprise 05
Hamburger surprise 06
Hamburger surprise 07

Allow all to dry completely.

Paint the pickles a dark green.

Paint on pips with light green paint.

While we allow all paint to dry again we make a lettuce leaf from fabric and a burger bun from styrofoam and felt.

Cut two cirkels out of green fabric, place them on each other (both with the good side out) then zigzag closed all around with a little fiberfill in between. Or cut the lettuce out of cardboard and paint it green.

Hamburger surprise 08
Hamburger surprise 09
Hamburger surprise 10
Hamburger surprise 11

Trace a plate with pencil on the styrofoam two times.

Cut the pencilled circles out of the styrofoam.

Place a big fluff of fiberfill on one of the circles.

Cut a circle out of felt with a 4 cm margin.

Now we sew the bun. Because most types of glue dissolve the styrofoam we rather do not use glue.

Hamburger surprise 12
Hamburger surprise 13
Hamburger surprise 13

Lace a thread on the edge and pull tight.

Sew criss cross threads diagonal.

You can slide the present under the threads.

Hamburger surprise 14
Hamburger surprise 15
Hamburger surprise 16
Hamburger surprise 17

This is what the top bun looks like now.

Lace the bottom into felt too, but no filling.

Sew the salad leaf on the underside half of the bun.

Now you can assemble all loose parts.

Now we make the bottom of the bun, the burger is almost ready!

Hamburger surprise 18
Hamburger surprise home

Fasten the top of the burger with 2 large stitches.

Stick sesame seeds on top of the bun.

Lots of fun and succes on December 5th!