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A cute mouse

we sew it by ourselves
Animal Crafts, Sewing, and Fabrics
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What do you need?
fabric samples or fabric of old menswear
needle and thread or a sewing machine
padding or fabric filler
black felt (ears)
black suede shoe lace (tail
black embroidery yarn and needle (eyes)

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Today we are making a funny mouse from fabric samples that friends gave us a while ago. The pattern is simple. Print the PDF and cut out the pattern parts. We are sewing today with the sewing machine, but it will also work fine if you sew by hand!

How to make the mouse
Muis 01
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Pin the cut out pattern on the fabric.

Cut them out and pin them together.

First sew the back of the mouse together.

Then pin the underside on the mouse.

Leave an opening in the back of the mouse the stuff it later on and also to attach the tail to the mouse at the same time.

Muis 05
Muis 06
Muis 07

Stitch the seam but not fully closed.

Finish the seams with the zigzag.

Turn the mouse inside out.

Muis 08
Muis 09
Muis 10
Muis 11

Fill the mouse firmly.

Stick the tail in the filling gap then close the gap.

Sew the felt ears double with 3 stitches.

Fold the ears open then sew them firmly on the mouse.

Muis 12
Muis home

Embroider black eyes on the head of the mouse.

Stick in whiskers and your mouse is ready!