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A Robin

felting wool, for the winter table
Animal Crafts, Winter, Anthroposophical, and Wool Felting
Roodborstje robin sidepic

What do you need?
carded wool, white
orange felt tip pen
carded wool, orange
carded wool, gray-brown
felting needles, medium
twisted needle
a piece of foam
a bradawl
2 black eyes 
hobby glue
piece of black / brown FIMO clay
piece of wire & cutting pliers
brown crepe paper
modpodge & brush

Lege cel...

We would like to wool felt a robin for the winter table. We see the cute little bird in the garden all year round, but strangely enough we still think: winter bird ;) Wool felting is great fun, but only for the oldest children. The needles are razor-sharp and they have barbs, so be very careful!

How to make a robin out of wool

Roodborstje robin 01
Roodborstje robin 02
Roodborstje robin 03
Roodborstje robin 04

Firmly roll up the basic wool.

Prick with the felting needle until the wool feels firm.

Try to give your wool shape, by pricking in it.

The shape of the bird is simple.

Keep your needle straight when pricking, if you bend the needle it will break quickly!

When the basic shape is ready you start on the deck, the colours of the bird

Roodborstje robin 05
Roodborstje robin 06
Roodborstje robin 07
Roodborstje robin 08

Use the felt-tip pen to draw an edge where the colored wool ends.

Place the wool on the back of the bird.

Prick the wool all around with your felting needle.

Until it's brown back is firmly attached.

Roodborstje robin 09
Roodborstje robin 10
Roodborstje robin 11

Continue in the same way with the orange head.

If needed attach a little more brown to the head.

Then you start on the wings.

The wings are felted flat, do not prick too deep because then your wool will be stuck to your puncture mat. You can also use a multi-needle holder for the wings, which works nice and fast

Place two plucks of wool on the felting mat

Roodborstje robin 12
Roodborstje robin 13
Roodborstje robin 14

Prick the wings on both sides.

Prick the wings in shape.

Prick the wings on the bird.

How to make the tail

Roodborstje robin 15
Roodborstje robin 16
Roodborstje robin 17
Roodborstje robin 18

Prick it like the wings.

Prick the edge until firm.

Prick the tail in shape.

Attach the tail to the back.

Roodborstje robin 19
Roodborstje robin 20

Drill with the bradawl holes in the head.

Stick the eyes in the head using hobby glue.

How to make a beak of polymere clay and wire

Roodborstje robin 21
Roodborstje robin 22
Roodborstje robin 23
Roodborstje robin 24

Knead the piece of clay.

Roll it into a tiny cone.

Stick in a piece of wire.

Bake it and stick it on the bird.

Finally you make the feet

Roodborstje robin 25
Roodborstje robin 26
Roodborstje robin 27

Bend the feet out of florist's wire.

Squeeze the bows together.

Then twist the longer ends.

Roodborstje robin 28
Roodborstje robin home

Stick the feet into the bird with some glue.

Hurray! Your Robin is ready!