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A surprise

for a mermaid
Paper & Cardboard, Cutting & Pasting, Sinterklaas, and Sinterklaas surprise
Ocean side pic

What do you need?
a cardboard (box) cover
blue crepe paper
glitter paint, in various colours
Das clay (optional molds)
a paintbrush
hobby glue
piece of styro foam

Baby seal sidepic

It is time to make a surprise again! If you draw the ticket of someone whose hobby is swimming and who loves animals you'll soon think OCEAN! So we make the an ocean panorama!

We use self drying clay (which does not need baking, just allow it to dry) to shape fish etc. We put in our folded boats, and the baby seal. That looks super cute!

How to make a Pole surprise

Ocean 01
Ocean 02
Ocean 03
Ocean 04

Find a cardboad cover or make one yourself.

Cut a piece of crepe paper to measure the cardboard.

Glue the crepe paper to the cardboard cover.

Cut small strips off of a crepe paper roll.

Ocean 05
Ocean 06
Ocean 07

Paint the edges of the cover blue on the inside.

Spread the crepepaper over the bottom of the cover.

Knead a piece of self drying clay (DAS) soft and smooth.

Ocean 08
Ocean 09
Ocean 10
Ocean 11

Shape the clay in a roll.

Press the clay into the mold.

Press the fish gently from the mold.

Smoothen the top and cut the edges neat.

Now the fish need two days to dry completely. If you think they are really dry after one day check out the underside ;)

Ocean 12
Ocean 13
Ocean 15

Turn the fish so the underside dries as well.

Leave the fish upside down overnight again.

Paint the fish in cheerful colours.

Ocean 16
Ocean home

Hide your present(s) under the waves, wrapped in blue crepe paper.

Let the animals happily swim in the ocean.

We wish you a happy Sinterklaas celebration at school, with lots and lots of pepernootjes!