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There is a Spider

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What do you need to make a spider?
a styrofoam ball
a wooden skewer
black gouache paint & a paint brush
pipe cleaners
a wire cutter
2 wobbly eyes
hobby glue
a nice pencil

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Autumn has begun, you can see it right away, there are many cobwebs in the garden. Big spiders rock in those, but today we make a spider for in school. While we are busy, we will also make one for your BFF!

How to make a spider pencil

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Stick the ball on the skewer and paint it black twice.

Place the skewer in a glass and allow the paint to dry well.

Meanwhile cut 8 legs from pipe cleaners for the spider.

Pierce 8 small holes in the ball, for the legs.

Spinnen potlood 05
Spinnen potlood 06
Spinnen potlood 07

Glue the legs and the eyes on the spider.

Prick a larger hole in the underside.

Glue the pencil in the hole.

Spinnen potlood 08
Spinnen potlood 09

Let the glue dry and your spider is ready!

That was quick! We immediately start on the second one.