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Grashopper on the road

An I can read book
English language, Picture Book, Animal Books, and Funny
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Grasshopper on the road
Author/Illustrator: Arnold Lobel
Original language: English
Published: Apr 1986
Publisher: Perfection Learning
ISBN13: 9780812445480
Price: € 14.99 (HC)
Age: 4 - 8 years

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Arnold Lobel was an American author / illustrator of children's books. He became known around the globe for the read-yourself series Frog and Toad books, which has been discussed on snazzie before. Today's book, Grasshopper on the Road, is not as well known and also not translated, but it is certainly as enjoyable as the other books that Arnold Nobel wrote.

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The prints have the same atmosphere as the globally beloved Frog and Toad series. The drawings are brilliant and the story is fun but not in a LOL way. It is philosophical and educational for young children, but also funny. It teaches you that not everyone is the same, but that those differences are exactly what makes the world so much fun to live in. Warmly recommended!

3 bright, soft shining stars for Grasshopper on the road from all the snazzie readers!