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What? Halloween in Plaswijckpark

Where? Ringdijk 20 - 3053 KS Rotterdam

Wednesday night 23th of october 2019 – 18.00 – 21.00 uur (recommended age up to 7 years old)

Friday Night 25th of october 2019 – 19.00 – 22.00 uur (recommended age 7+ years old)

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Halloween is coming and if you live in Rotterdam or the surrounding area you may want to celebrate it in Plaswijckpark. The park is beautifully decorated in Halloween style and everone arrives in costume. You may stay up late and there is much to shiver about for young and older, as you can see in the video. Such fun!
Please mind! Your Rotterdampas, subscription pass or regular ticket is not valid on these special nights! Early bird tickets cost 6,50 euro (from 9 up to 15 september) More information >> https://www.plaswijckpark.nl

We wish you all a lot of fun in Plaswijckpark!