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Hello Kitty ll

How to make the rooms in Kitty's House
Animal Crafts, Felt, Sewing, and Learn while playing
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What do you need?
felt in various colours, matching yarn and needles
fiber fill, fluff and from the roll
piece of cotton, piece of terry fabric, piece of voile
thin elastic and little clothespins
faux gems
glue and a piece of silver cardstock
cocktail prickers, acrylic paint, paint brushes, varnish
hooks & eyelets, snapps
piece of transparant printer sheet
ribbon in various colour
wooden beads + string
prints from internet
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Today we cut the 4 rooms of the house, the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom and Kitty's playroom. Cut 2 parts of the same colour (of your choice) for each room. We also cut all the fillings for in between the rooms.

When the cutting is done we finish 1 room (two walls) each week. That way you can work at ease to make the house more complete and fun to play with. Fill it in to your own idea, as minimal or as extensive as you like it.

We show you step by step how to make the bedroom, the other rooms are made in the same way.

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Pin and cut room 1 of pink felt, with a chimney.

Cut all other room parts without a chimney.

We cut the kitchen from sunny yellow felt.

For the bathroom we choose a light grey and pink.

For the playroom we choose soft pink again, pink is after all Kitty's favorite colour.

Hello kittyll 05
Hello kittyll 06

Now all the rooms and the fillings are cut we show you how we made the bedroom, the other rooms are made in the same way. With the patterns to guide you it can't go wrong but the little things you can make after your own idea.


How to make the rooms

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Hello kittyll 08
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Cut out all furniture then pin all together.

Fill up the bed then sew it in the room.

Leave the underside of the bed open for now.

Sew the window and the night stand on the room.

How to make a duvet and a pillow: Fold a piece of cotton in half, with the the good side on the inside.

Hello kittyll 11
Hello kittyll 12
Hello kittyll 13

Pin then sew the fabric closed on two sides.

Turn out, fill it then sew it closed.

Make the pillow in exactly the same way.

Hello kittyll 14
Hello kittyll 15
Hello kittyll 16
Hello kittyll 17

Sew the foot end on the bed, leave the top open.

Then you can easily slide in the duvet.

Embroider the sun & moon on light & dark blue felt.

Sew a piece of board between the two pieces of felt.

With this cardboard you can change day into night in the bedroom. You can slide it in and out and turn it.

Hello kittyll 18
Hello kittyll 19
Hello kittyll 20

Cut out all the parts of the wardrobe then pin it on the wall.

First check if the doors close spaciously, the wardrobe is not yet filled.

Then stitch all the parts of the wardrobe together on the bedroom wall.

Hello kittyll 21
Hello kittyll 22

Sew snaps on the shelf, to snap on the bows.

Kitty's bed is ready, she can jump right in!

Hello kittyll keuken
Hello kittyll badkamer
Hello kittyll speelkamerll

Here you see the kitchen, the bathroom and the play room, all ready too.

Hello kittyll keukenll
Hello kittyll badkamerll
Hello kittyll speelkamer
  • As you can see in the pictures, we leave various furniture open at the top, then Kitty can get into bed or in the bath.
  • Above you see Cathy, sitting at the table, Kitty taking a bath and Fifi in the playroom, stuck on a snap.
  • In the playroom the doll's house is open at the top, so toys can be tidied up.
  • In the other rooms we re-used shapes with little adjustments. F.i. half the wardrobe is also the fridge and a smaller wardrobe is used as the kitchen cupboard.
  • The sink and the stove are the nightstand without legs. The clock is the wasing machine's door but smaller. The picture frame is a window without panes, the wardrobe's shelves are re-used in the kitchen too.
  • Lots of items are fastened in the book, to learn kids how to open & close snaps, buttons or velcro and to tie a ribbon into a bow etc.

Next week we show you how to make the dolls and their clothes, then we are all set. Until then!