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It is Earth Day

Painting, Lantern, and Space Crafts
Earth globe sidepic

What do you need?
a balloon
old newspapers
papier mache glue powder
silk tissue paper: white; blue; green
lancing device
LED push light

Earth globe sidepicll

On Earth Day, we all think about our planet and how we really must take better care of it. Some is being done, such as solar panels, wind turbines, electric cars, less logging and plastic limitation but it is still far from enough. We must protect and care for the animals better, we must keep seas and oceans cleaner and certainly use a lot less energy. Everyone can think of how he / she can help make the earth a little better. If all of us participate we can do it!

How to make an earth globe

Earth globe 01
Earth globe 02
Earth globe 03
Earth globe 04

Dissolve the powder glue in warm water.

Stir until dissolved and the glue is lump free.

set the 1/2 and hour aside, meanwhile cut paper strips.

Blow up a balloon and tie it tightly.

Now we wait until the half hour has passed, then the glue has thickened well!

Earth globe 05
Earth globe 06
Earth globe 07

Stir the glue briefly.

Dip the strips into the glue.

Cover the balloon with it.

Leave a little circle open at the bottom, we will put a light in there later on

Earth globe 08
Earth globe 09
Earth globe 10
Earth globe 11

Tear the tissue paper into shreds.

Stick them on, white, blue, then green.

But leave the bottom open.

Allow the Earth globe to dry.

Earth globe 12
Earth globe 13
Earth globe 14

We store the remainder of the glue.

Wait till the earth has dried all around.

Burst and remove the balloon.

Earth globe 15
Earth globe 16

Prick holes in the earth, as many as you like.

Put on your light and see how beautiful the earth is.

In the dark it is even prettier, Happy Earth Day!