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It's Minecraft!

the Mooshroom Cow
Painting, Animal Crafts, and Woodworking
Mooshroom cow sidepic

What do you need?
a piece of wood of 40x40mm
a piece of wood of 25x28mm
4 pieces of wood of 8x8mm
1 piece of wood 4x4mm
1 piece of wood 8x4mm
1 pece of round wood 8mm
saw and miter box
pencil and ruler
acrylic paint and brushes
bison contact glue
clear varnish and brush

Mooshroom cow sidepicll

Minecraft continues to be a much-loved video game, having been played for generations. Our mini monsters also love it a lot, have fun building, creating your own world. And perhaps the nicest thing, all the strange creatures and animals you encounter. After the Creeper, Zombie, Chicken and Bee, we're making a Mooshroom Cow today, because we think it's super fun!

How to make a Mooshroom Cow

Mooshroom cow 01
Mooshroom cow 02
Mooshroom cow 03
Mooshroom cow 04

Saw from the thickest wood a 6cm body and 3cm head.

Saw 4 legs of 3.5 cm long from the 8x8 beam.

Saw from the thinnest slat 2 horns of 3 cm long.

Sand all the sawed off part nicely smooth.

Now that all parts of the cow have been sawn, you start drawing cubes and then painting

Mooshroom cow 05
Mooshroom cow 06
Mooshroom cow 07

Look at the picture and draw the cubes.

Look at the colours and paint the head.

Paint the cow's body, legs and horns.

Allow the paint to dry really well in between, when painting a different colour
Mooshroom cow 08
Mooshroom cow 09
Mooshroom cow 10
Mooshroom cow 11

We saw new horns, the're to thick.

Glue the Mooshroom Cow together.

Saw 2 or 3 small mushrooms.

Paint the mushrooms and stick them together.

Allow the glue and the paint to dry thoroughly

Mooshroom cow 12
Mooshroom cow home

Stick the musrooms on the cow.

Coat your Mushroom Cow in varnish and when it has dried it is ready!

The next animal on our to do Minecraft animal list is the Axolotl, so cute!