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It is time again

to sow
Kitchen Garden, Sowing, Spring, and Learn while playing
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What do we sow today?
watermelon - Hema
honey melon - Hema
zucchini - Trompenburg gardens
thym - Trompenburg Gardens

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Today we are going to sow what we already bought last week, first the Hema seeds of the mini-monsters. We sow water melons and honey melons from the fruit set. Lets see what's included in the set: a seed tray, 4 bags with various seeds and coconut fibre tablets which turn into soil when mixed with water.

The price difference is large, 4 bags with different types of seed and accessories cost 4.50 euros at Hema. The organic seeds that we bought at Trompenburg cost 4.20 per bag. The maxi-monsters prefer to sow organic seed in organic soil, so we'll see how it all turns out.

Let's start with the melons!

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There is watermelon, wild strawberry, kiwi and honey melon seeds.

Place the coconut fiber tablets in a layer of water.

They absorb the water and fall apart if you touch them.

Crumble the soil in the sowing pots almost to the rim.

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Place 1 melon seed per pot on the soil then cover it.

Write on ice sticks which seeds are in the pots.

Put the ice sticks in the pots, then you don't get confused. ;))

  • Place the seeds in a light spot but not in the full sunshine K
  • Keep the soil moist but not wet!

Now we sow zucchini and thyme

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Sow the zucchini in the same way as the melons.

Fill the seed pot with loose, moist soil.

Place a melon seed on top of the soil.

Cover the seed with moist soil.

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Sow thyme in the same way but scatter lots of seeds.

Place the jars in a warm, bright spot.

Take good care of your seeds by keeping the soil moist then we have to wait for the first shoots!