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is the kitchen garden doing now?
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Moestuin sidel zaad

What do you need?
seed box and/or plant pots
bags with seeds
garden soil
a spade and a little scoop
a rake
a watering can
and then a lot of patience!

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Moestuin 10

The herbs have spent winter in the seed box but now it is time to repot them. Not because they aren't doing well in the garden soil but they have to make room for the new seedlings.

Moestuin 01 selderij
Moestuin 02 platte peterselie tijm
Moestuin 03 bieslook
Moestuin 04 slamix

Here's the celery, just repotted.

The parsley and thyme share a pot.

The chives, blooming.

Nice pot of mixed lettuce from the gardencentre.

Moestuin 05
Moestuin 06
Moestuin 07 radijs
Moestuin 08 venkel

Now the seed box is empty, we pull out the weeds. Then we dig the soil and we fill the box with a fresh bag of garden soil. Now only rake the top layer and the container is ready, the seedlings can move in.

Moestuin 09 bieten
Moestuin biet 00
Moestuin 10 bieten

The beets look fragile in the big box. We wonder if they survive the move outside!

This type, the Egyptian flat round, should be very strong. A suitable type beet for amateurs ;)

We sow some beets in the box outside, then hopefully we can harvest 2 times.

Moestuin 11 pompoen
Moestuin 12 pompoen

This is pumpkin seed, you can save some in October from your lantern.

Only three pumpkin seeds we sow directly in the box, they need lots of space.

The fruit we planted last year is doing great!

Moestuin 11 bosbessen
Moestuin 12 frambozen
Moestuin 16 aardbeien

The blue berry plant has grown a lot and the berries are developing already.

The raspberry bush is the same story, it grows every day so it's promising!

The strawberry came also from the gardencentre, last years seeds failed.

Moestuin 17 druiven
Moestuin 18 druiven
Moestuin 19 druiven
Moestuin 20 druiven

The vines are not so good, we planted 3 and only one shows leaves.

We fertilize in September and April, the bare vines as well, who knows?

After sprinkling fertilizer spread a thin layer of soil on top.

Water the soil so it's nice and humid, now sunshine must do the rest!

Now we have to take good care of the kitchen garden! Sowed yourself or store bought, the plants need care and water. We will give it our best for another good harvest! More later!

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