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Jona folds boats

in 2 colours!
Paper & Cardboard, Sinterklaas, Sinterklaas surprise, and Origami / Folding
Two colour boat side

What do you need?
2 A4 sheets of coloured craft paper

Two colour boat home

Jonah tells us that he has learned to fold boats  in school, can we fold boats?
No, we have not done it yet. It's a nice craft, for many years it is done by children. But maybe not all parents and children know how to do it. Jonah learns us today how it's done and to make the craft even more interesting, he makes a 2 color boat!

How to fold boats

Two colour boat 01
Two colour boat 02
Two colour boat 03
Two colour boat 04

Place1 sheet exactly on top of the other.

Fold the sheets in half together.

Fold the crease sharp using your thumbs.

Unfold the paper then fold one point to the middle.

Two colour boat 05
Two colour boat 06
Two colour boat 07

Fold the other side the same way, the points touching.

Now fold half the bottom side up.

Flip the folding and fold the other straight side up as well.

Two colour boat 08
Two colour boat 10
Two colour boat 11
Two colour boat 12

Fold the crease sharp again using your thumbs.

Fold half the corners back down, in a triangle.

Fold the other end in the exact same way.

Flip the folding over and fold the corners on the other side the same way.

Two colour boat 13
Two colour boat 14
Two colour boat 15

Pick up your folding, unfold a bit and fold all triangles together.

Fold the creases sharp again using your fingers.

Then fold the top layer back up again, folding sharp.

Two colour boat 16
Two colour boat 17
Two colour boat 18
Two colour boat 19

Turn over and fold the other side the same.

Make the creases sharp again, difficult because the folding is thick.

Pull the ends out and turn the boat inside out.

Turn the points upward and unfold the boat.

Two colour boat 20
Two colour boat home

Pull the underside gently to open it up a little bit.

Now the boat can sail across the - make believe - ocean ...

Well done Jona, Thank you very much!