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Spring Bunnies

for the spring table
Cutting & Pasting, Felt, Anthroposophical, Sewing, Spring, and Dolls
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What do you need?
2 wooden peg dolls
3 colors wool felt
matching thread & needle
acrylic paint: black; rose; brown; white; red
strong glue
2 white pompoms

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We make cute little bunnies for the spring table, bunnies are a favorite at snazzie :) We make the bunnies from wooden peg dolls and felt. It is a fun job that the somewhat larger mini-monsters can also do.

How to make the Spring Bunnies

After an hour of struggling to cover the hare's heads with felt, we switch to paint. The felt does not turn out neatly, the way we would like. We place the felt next to the paint and mix the colours as precisely as possible.

Lente haasjes 01
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We mix pink paint with white and red.

Paint the back of the head pink, eyes black, cheeks pink.

We draw a pattern and cut it out.

1 body, 4 ears and 2 insides of the ears.

Lente haasjes 05
Lente haasjes 06
Lente haasjes 07

Pin the pattern onto the felt and cut out.

We check the fit on the second peg doll.

Sew the body using the blanket stitch.

Lente haasjes 08
Lente haasjes 09
Lente haasjes 10
Lente haasjes 11

Sew the ears together too.

Paint the face on the second doll.

Also paint on the head.

Pin the pattern parts on the felt.

Lente haasjes 12
Lente haasjes 13
Lente haasjes 14

Cut it out and sew it in the same way.

The sewing is done.

Stick the ears on the heads.

Lente haasjes 15
Lente haasjes 16

Fasten with elastic bands and let the glue dry.

Sew tails on the back of the bunnies, now they are ready!