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A cool Gecko key ring

for your Dad, for Father's Day
Present, Animal Crafts, Woodworking, and Father's Day
Gekko sleutelhanger sidepic
What do you need?
a long thread
48 beads
2 of the same beads, different colour
key ring

pattern >> Margo's Beadie Critters
Gekko sleutelhanger sidepicll

Your father probably doesn't have a Gekko key ring, yet. Our papa either, that's why we make one for him ;) We think it'll make a nice gift for Father's Day. At first glance the Gekko seems difficult to string but it is not. Just think that you use 1 long thread which you divide in 2 halves through your first bead. Then you string the thread on both sides back and forth. Now your Gekko is ready in no time!

How to make a Gekko key ring

Start with the head

Gekko sleutelhanger 01
Gekko sleutelhanger 02
Gekko sleutelhanger 03
Gekko sleutelhanger 04

String the first bead on the thread until the middle.

String 2 beads on the right side end of the thread.

String the thread on the left side back through the 2 beads.

Slide the beads together, keep the ends roughly even.

Gekko sleutelhanger 05
Gekko sleutelhanger 06
Gekko sleutelhanger 07

Stick 3 beads on the right, stick left back.

Slide the beads against each other.

2 beads underneath: right, left, slide up.

The head is ready, start to make the legs

Gekko sleutelhanger 08
Gekko sleutelhanger 09
Gekko sleutelhanger 10
Gekko sleutelhanger 11

The legs will be next to the Gekko's neck.

String 5 beads on the right, as you see in the picture.

Stick the end back through the last 2 beads.

Slide the leg up against the neck.

Repeat the leg in the same way on the left side

Gekko sleutelhanger 12
Gekko sleutelhanger 13
Gekko sleutelhanger 14

String 3 beads on left, stick right back.

String 2x 4 beads, 1x 3 beads and 2 legs.

End with 2 beads after the legs.

The Gekko is almost ready, now make the tail!

Gekko sleutelhanger 15
Gekko sleutelhanger 16

String both threads left, right through the last 6 beads.

Tie a knot in the thread on the end of the tail.

Slide on the key ring on the loop and your done! You can make the Gekko with any beads in every colour you like. We used large beads for the model to show you clearly how to string.

Happy Fathers Day!