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A creepy book mark

to mark your creepy books
Paper & Cardboard, Cutting & Pasting, Animal Crafts, Halloween, and Origami / Folding
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What do you need to make 1 bat?
1 origami square 10x10cm, black / white
piece of white cardstock
piece of black cardstock
a glue stick
a pencil
a black marker

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For your exciting books you make a creepy bat bookmark. That looks nice with Halloween and it is made super fast, with origami technique.

How to make a bat bookmark

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Fold your square diagonal, white side on the inside.

Lay the square open but vertical and fold it in half again.

Place the triangle horizontal then fold 1 point down.

Fold the left and the right point to the middle.

Boekenlegger 05
Boekenlegger 06
Boekenlegger 07

Fold both points open.

Fold both points upwards.

Tuck in the top half of the points.

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Turn your folding over, you're almost ready.

Draw wings and white teeth and eyes.

Cut out the wings, teeth and eyes precisely.

Stick them all on the bat.

Boekenlegger 12
Boekenlegger home

Make black pupils using a marker.

The bat immediately sinks his teeth into your books!

Happy Halloween!