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Make a Tiger with us

It is Chinese New Year! and almost Valentine's!
Paper & Cardboard, Cutting & Pasting, Present, and Chinese New Year
Tiger hug sidepic

What do you need?
the PDF pattern
red and pink cardboard
a pencil
a gold marker
double sided tape
heart chocolates

Tiger hug homepage

The Chinese New Year started yesterday and 2022 is the year of the tiger, as you can see all over snazzie ;)) We wanted to make a nice tiger craft for this party, but we thought that a tiger cuddly toy is also a nice gift for a Valentine. With a small adjustment in the colors you can make two at once!

How to make a Tiger Hug

Tiger hug 01
Tiger hug 02
Tiger hug 03
Tiger hug 04

Cut out the pattern.

Trace it on cardstock.

Cut out the cardstock.

Pull the scissors over the arms.

If you pull the scissors along the arms - like you curl a ribbon - you can later easily fold the arms over the chocolate

Tiger hug 05
Tiger hug 06
Tiger hug 07

Draw golden stripes on the red tiger.

Draw a face on it.

Fill in all the stripes with gold.

Tiger hug 08
Tiger hug 09
Tiger hug 10
Tiger hug 11

Colour the pink tiger with silver.

Paint a face on the tiger.

Stick adhesive tape on it's chest.

Stick also tape on the front paws.

Stick the chocolate on the tiger

Tiger hug 12
Tiger hug home

Stick the front paws on top of each other.

The tigers are ready!

Happy Chinese New year!   Xin Nian Kuai Le!   Happy Valentine's Day!