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Make your own Neon Leon

with pipe cleaners
Animal Crafts
Neon leon sidepic

What do you need?
coloured cardboard
a pencil
coloured pipe cleaners
wiggly eyes
hobby glue

Neon leon home

Making a funny Neon Leon yourself is not difficult and you do not need much material. Everyone has some coloured paper, a pencil, scissors and glue, just get some pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes and a pair of pliers and you're good to go!

How to make a Chameleon

Neon leon 01
Neon leon 02
Neon leon 03
Neon leon 04

Draw a leaf.

Cut it out and put aside.

Fold the pipecleaner.

Wind 1 side around the loop.

The head is ready, set it aside for now and make the body

Neon leon 05
Neon leon 06
Neon leon 07

Roll a new pipecleaner around a pencil.

Make the waist thicker.

Slide it onto the first pipecleaner.

Neon leon 08
Neon leon 09
Neon leon 10
Neon leon 11

Slide the body against the head.

Cut the tail shorter and curl it.

Twist legs around the body.

Stick a tongue in the head.

Neon leon 12
Neon leon home

Stick on eyes and place your Chameleon on the leaf.

We also make an orange Leon!