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What to hide in the surprise?

Snazzie's shopping tips priced around € 5.00
Info, Present, and Sinterklaas


Dille & Kamille                                   



Flying Tiger


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It is (almost) time to draw names for Sinterklaas surprises at school. Maybe you are already thinking about the surprise you are going to make but then you have to buy a present. There should be a nicer gift than a packet of fineliners ar a tub of slime to find?

A common complaint is: how can you find something nice for only +/- 5.00 euro? The snazzie-kids liked to go shopping for an afternoon and find the problem turns out to be: how can you choose from so many fun things around € 5.00? ;))) Only 3 times we spent slightly above budget!

Please mind! The items at Flying Tiger change regularly, so maybe the  things you see in the video (above, right) are no longer availabe.

Here we line up our favorites for you

The little ones do not make surprises yet but her are our favorite shoe presents for 3 to 6 year olds. We found almost all at Dille & Kamille

Koksmuts voor kinderen katoen wit
Kinderschortje katoen vlinders
Ovenwantje katoen appel en peer
Kinderpollepeltje met punt beukenhout

Chef's hat for children, Dille&Kamille  € 4.95

Children's apron Buterfly or apple, Dille&Kamille € 5.95

Clidrens Butterflies or Apples oven mitt, Dille&Kamille € 2.25

Various wooden spoons for kids, Dille&Kamille € 0.70 each

Img 3960
Totum display with 18 foam dough items 951624

Where does Thursday go?, € 5.00 (in Dutch)

Play Doh in four colours, at  € 4.99

Classic Lego in 4 different types, € 4.99

Totum Foam, make your own wind up robot, € 3.99

Zakje katoen dieren in het bos 28 x 20 cm
Knijper dieren 4 5 cm 6 stuks
Kompas dieren blauw
Koffertje vlinders klein 3 jaar en ouder

Cute tote bag Wood animals, Dille&Kamille € 3.25

Animal Pins to hang crafts on string, Dille & Kamille € 2.95

Wooden compass, also in yellow or green, Dille & Kamille € 2.95

A little butterfly suitcase, dille&kamille € 5.00

Cute stuff!

Bambi 462 690 2

Make-it-yourself Gingerbread house, Flying Tiger € 4.00

A tiara with a crown by H&M € 4.99

This retro Bambi frame or mug you find at Primark for € 6.00

This necklace with a Bambi charm is also by H&M € 3.99

Notitieboek gerecycled papier bloem 21 x 14 cm
60500362 01 001 01

Lovely notebook of recycled paper by Dille&Kamille € 3.95

Hip black piggy bank with a crown at Flying Tiger, € 5.00

These cute earrings and much more fun stuff you find at HEMA, € 4.00

Tough stuff!

Origami starwars sidepic
Mayka block tape rood 4 nops 2 meter

Funny! Whistle and referee cards, H&M for € 4.99

Yoda of Darth Paper book at, € 5.00 each.

Looking good at the Christmas dinner with a satin tie, H&M € 4.99

Mayka building blocs tape in various colours € 3.98

Fortnite season 4
2571120 5056219004518 111

Above budget: Fortnite, how you become the best player! € 7.99 (tips&trucs book)

Pokemon Sun & Moon Lost Thunder cards, starting price € 5.94

This Flying Spiderman chopper is at Action, € 6.95

Have lots of fun shopping!