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made of perler beads
Spring and Perler Beads
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What do you need?
perler beads
base plates for perler beads
baking paper
an iron
bison glue


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The mini-monsters have got a taste for it, so the maxi-monsters are ironing a lot! Perler beads are so much fun so they are used a lot! Because we are talking and reading about the weather right now, they have made the clouds and they are very beautiful!

How to make the clouds

We start with the rainbow clouds

Strijkkralen 01
Strijkkralen 02
Strijkkralen 03
Strijkkralen 04

Start with 8 beads in an arch.

Place more arches on top.

Choose pretty colours.

Make 6 or 7 arches.

Strijkkralen 05
Strijkkralen 06
Strijkkralen 07

Make white clouds at the bottom of the arch.

Place baking paper over your work.

Iron it carefully, for 10 seconds.

Ironing tips

  • An adult does the ironing or supervises older children
  • set the iron to medium heat and turn off the steam
  • move the iron gently and slowly back and forth over the work

more information

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Strijkkralen 09
Strijkkralen 10
Strijkkralen 11

Gently remove the paper.

Let the craft cool completely.

Iron the other side too.

Make also a sun behind a cloud.

Strijkkralen 12
Strijkkralen 13
Strijkkralen 14

And / or a little rain cloud.

In the same way as the rainbow.

Stick on magnets.

Strijkkralen 15
Strijkkralen 16

Allow the glue to dry completely.

Stick your clouds on the refrigerator.