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How is the House Sparrow doing?
Science, Dutch language, English language, Biology, Picture Book, and Animal Books
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Authors: Hans Post and Kees Heij
Illustrator: Irene Goede
Original language: Dutch
Translated by: Lemniscaat USA
Published: August 2008
publishers: Lemniscaat USA
ISBN13: 978-1590785706
Price: $16.95
Age: 4-8 years

Since the last 20 years the number of house sparrows is seriously reduced in The Netherlands and that reduction still continues. Fortunately the Dutch Association of the Protection of Birds has comitted to protecting the house sparrow. It would be a pity if the sparrow would disappear from the Netherlands. See what delightful little creatures they are in the movie.

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Animal lover Kees Post has partnered with sparrows expert Dr. Kees Heij written a wonderful book about the sparrow with beautiful illustrations by Irene Goede. The book describes the life of the common house sparrow, from egg to sparrow parent. Snazzie's little nature lovers now know a lot more about the sparrow, we spot them wherever we go.

This gorgeous book is already reread, Sparrows continues to fascinate. 3 beautiful stars for Sparrows!