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Physalis Lights

cozy for Autumn and Winter
Cutting & Pasting, Autumn, Recycling, Natural materials, and Lantern
Physalis lichtjes sidepic

What do you need?
a string of lights
just as much Physalis as lights
embroidery scissors
optional: a glue gun

Physalis lichtjes sidepicll

You can make this cozy string of lights in no time! You only need a lot of physalis (Chinese Lampions) for it. If you don't have the plant in the garden, you can buy them at the market or flower shop. We save them every year :) so they are already dried. Keep a glue gun handy when the mini-monsters cut holes, otherwise cut tiny holes, then you don't need glue.

How to make Physalis lights

Physalis lichtjes 01
Physalis lichtjes 02
Physalis lichtjes 03

Cut a tiny hole.

Stick in a light.

Repeat it on all the lampions.

Place the batteries in the holder

Physalis lichtjes 04
Physalis lichtjes home

Place the batteries and check if all the lights work.

We place the Physalis lights on the Autumn table.

But the lights will look beautiful everywhere, so you find a nice spot for it!