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Pirates of the Caribbean

a pop-up pirate ship with pirates
English language, Picture Book, Pop Up / Flaps Book, and Exciting
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Pirates of the Caribbean
Author: Rich Thomas
Illustrator: Jean-Paul Orpinas / Marco Coletti
Original language: English
Published: May 2007
Publisher: Disney Productions
ISBN13: 9781423108085
Price: €14.45 (HC)
Age: all ages

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This beautiful pop-up pirate book, with Jack Sparrow and the other characters from the film, is not for our youngest monsters but for the older ones. When you open the book you first see the figures, which you can push out. Then you'll see the Black Pearl Ghost Ship unfold in all its glory. Tie the ribbons at the back and place the ship wherever you want.

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The text in the book was written by the American author Rich Thomas and the beautiful illustrations are made by Disney's Jean-Paul Orpiñas and Marco Coletti. This book makes a great gift for a Jack Sparrow fan! 3 shining stars for Pirates of the Caribbean pop up book, from the Jack Sparrow fans!