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Cute Turtles

our little ones are making
Paper & Cardboard, Cutting & Pasting, and Animal Crafts
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What do you need?
empty egg carton
acrylic paint & a brush
pipe cleaners
cutting pliers
hobby glue
paper clips
little pompoms
wiggly eyes

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With the smallest mini-monsters we make cute turtles from an egg carton. Some preparations need to be done by an adult. You have to cut the well out of the egg carton, cut the pipe cleaners to size and glue on legs and (maybe) heads. The little ones can choose colors and paint, they really like it!

How you make the Turtles

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Cut out the holes of the egg box.

Make them shorter than they are.

Paint the cardboard shields.

Allow them to dry.

Cut the pipe cleaners to size while the paint is drying

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Fold in half and twist them.

Paint patterns on the shields.

Allow the paint to dry well.

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Stick the eyes on the heads.

Let the glue dry.

Stick the legs into the shields.

Let the glue dry.

We slide paperclips on the legs so that, when the glue has dried, the legs will be attached firmly

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Stick the heads on the turtles and let the glue dry completely.

Your cute little turtles are all ready!