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Sinterklaas lights book

a cardboard book for little ones
Sinterklaas and Board Book
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Sinterklaas Lights Book
Author/illustrator: Publishers De Ballon
Series: 4 parts, Christmas, The Farm and The Building Site
Original language: Flamish
Published: October 2017
Publishers: De Ballon, Belgium
ISBN13: 9789403200125
Price: € 10.99 (cardboard book with battery)
Age: 1-4 years
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De Lights Book series from the Belgian publisher The Balloon are a nice gift for little ones. They can press a button by themselves and 4 lights light up on every other page. That is, of course, beautiful only the story is not very much.

But the pictures are nice, the Sint has a sweet look and the Pietjes are children, there is really nothing scary to find in this book. And really great, you can replace the battery.

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Compared to the intelligent, beautiful stories with the stunningly beautiful illustrations - which we regularly recommend on snazzie - this book is definitely lacking. But ... having said this the Sinterklaas book is such a big succes with the little ones! The just love the lights! The book brings them so much joy we are considering to buy the other parts too ;)

That's why 2 pretty stars for Sinterklaas Lights Book, from the mini-monsters!