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Starwars part ll

the droids
Painting, Woodworking, Dolls, and Space Crafts
Starwars. dolls ll sidepic
What do you need?
2 peg dolls 66 mm
1small wooden bead
1 bigger wooden bead
acrylic paint: gold, silver, white,
blue, orange, red and black
paint brushes
little piece of wire (antennas BB8)
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Today we make the 3 most important Star Wars robots. It is not really difficult but the precise painting is a patience job. We searched on Google for star wars droids cute and found many examples of cute robots there. Remember to let the paint dry well in between painting, otherwise you will mess up your work!

How to make the Star Wars robots

Starwars. dolls ll 01
Starwars. dolls ll 02
Starwars. dolls ll 03
Starwars. dolls ll 04

Saw off the head for R2D2.

Sand the top smooth.

BB8: glue the beads together.

Press tight for 10 seconds.

While the glue on BB8 hardens a little longer we start painting C3PO and R2D2's top.

Starwars. dolls ll 05
Starwars. dolls ll 06
Starwars. dolls ll 07

Paint C3PO completely gold.

Paint BB8 completely white.

Tape R2 then paint the top silver.

Starwars. dolls ll 08
Starwars. dolls ll 09
Starwars. dolls ll 10
Starwars. dolls ll 11

Tape the top of R2 then paint the underside white.

The white paint needs three layers to cover completely.

Paint the details when the paint is completely dry.

The details of R2D2 blue & silver, for BB8 grey silver and orange.

Starwars. dolls ll 12
Starwars. dolls ll 13

For the details on C3PO you use only black and white.

Allow the paint to dry well then varnish the dolls!

In the third set it will be Han Solo, Chewbacca and Obi Wan Kenobi's turn. The Dark Side we'll save for last!