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A dodecahedron lantern

in winter
Cutting & Pasting, Painting, and Lantern
Dodecahedron lantaarn sidepic

What do you need?
watercolor paper
watercolor and brush
a pencil & ruler
hobby glue and large paper clips
a tea light or electric candle

Dodecahedron lantaarn home

Today we are making a very special lantern for winter. A dodecahedron lantern, the name refers to a 3D figure with twelve pentagonal faces. Because we want to burn a candle in the lantern, the top is left open (so we make 11 pentagons).

The Romans made dodecahedrons, it is assumed that they burned candles in them because excavated specimens have been found with wax inside. Our lantern is made of watercolor paper that we will paint with watercolours first. For winter we make the lantern in different shades of blue, from light to dark.

How to make a paper dodecahedron lantern

You can download our pentagon template

Dodecahedron lantaarn 01
Dodecahedron lantaarn 02
Dodecahedron lantaarn 03
Dodecahedron lantaarn 04

Paint with watercolours patterns from dark to light.

Take the time to allow the paint to dry well.

Draw in advance pentagoles on the back of your dried paper.

Rub thickly olive oil on the sheets of paper, until saturated.

The drying of oil takes much longer than the drying of paint

Dodecahedron lantaarn 05
Dodecahedron lantaarn 06
Dodecahedron lantaarn 07

So allow the paper to dry overnight.

Cut out the shapes, they still feel greasy.

Draw 2 lines, from the point to the corners.

Draw this on the back of the pentagons making very light pencil lines, not as thick as in our picture

Dodecahedron lantaarn 08
Dodecahedron lantaarn 09
Dodecahedron lantaarn 10
Dodecahedron lantaarn 11

Connect all corners this way.

Here are the actual pentagons with thin pencil lines.

Fold the 5 points in, down to the pencil line.

Stick the pentagons together on the folded points.

Dodecahedron lantaarn 12
Dodecahedron lantaarn 13
Dodecahedron lantaarn 14

Glue 1 point on the inside, 1 on the outside.

Continue and let the glue dry with paperclips on.

Lege cel...

Now stick on the second row pentagons, two at a time and allow them to dry before you continue

Dodecahedron lantaarn 15
Dodecahedron lantaarn 16
Dodecahedron lantaarn 17

Stick on a pentagon, skip 1 and stick on the 2nd.

Allow the glue to dry well, put paperclips on all the triangels.

Now stick the pentagons on 1 by 1 and stick on the side(s) as well.

Allow the glue to dry completely before you stick on the next pentagon and use, where possible, the paperclips

Dodecahedron lantaarn 17
Dodecahedron lantaarn sidepicll

Fold the flaps on the top inwards and stick them on the inside.

Is it dark already? Then we turn on the light ... beautiful!