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What will we make for Father's Day?

Father's Day and Perler Beads
Minecraft sidepic

What do you need?
perler beads
base for perler beads
baking paper
permanent marker, black
key ring(s)

Minecraft sidepicll

The mini-monsters love perler beads, you can quickly craft something fun with them that will last for a long time. They would like to make something for Father's Day with perler beads, preferably from Minecraft. Minecraft is still the favorite game here, one the mini monsters play with papas and grandpa's. Placing the beads in figures on the base boards is done by the mini-monsters, the ironing is done by the Mums.

How to make minecraft figures with perler beads

Minecraft 01
Minecraft 02
Minecraft 03
Minecraft 04

Place the beads on the base, mini-monsters can do that themselves.

Enlarge the photo to see how to make a Minecraft sword.

Place baking paper over your figure on the base and iron it.

Set your iron to medium heat and iron for 20 - 30 seconds.

  • Turn off the steam function on your iron
  • Move the iron back and forth very gently and check the work regularly
  • Carefully peel off the paper and let the figure cool completely on the base plate
  • The work comes off the plate easily when it has cooled down
Minecraft 05
Minecraft 06
Minecraft 07

The underside still has holes.

We make swords in different colours.

The (ironed) top side has melted together.

Minecraft 08
Minecraft 09
Minecraft 10
Minecraft 11

Put pressure on the craft to keep it from bending.

Put a key ring on the swords.

That is a handy gift for Dad!

The mini-monsters also make Creepers.

Minecraft 12
Minecraft home

Creepers, TNT en Endermen are fun to hang on your school bag.

The possibillities are endless with perler beads!

Happy Father's Day!