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We dry wild flowers

to remember the summer
Summer, Natural materials, Learn while playing, Photo Frames, and Outdoor Play
Bloemen drogen sidepic

What do you need?
picked wildflowers
a flower press
a roll kitchen paper
one or more picture frame(s)
white cardstock
photo glue or fotosplitjes (Hema)

Bloemen drogen sidepicll

We live in a very green area of Rotterdam. While the weather is still nice, wild flowers bloom profusely here on the roadsides and along the streets. So we're going to pick wild flowers first, we will look for the most beautiful ones. Preferably without aphids :)) Last week we made a flower press, which we would like to use. A picture frame with beautiful dried wild flowers will remind us of summer, during dark, bleak winter days!

How to make a dried flower picture frame

Bloemen drogen 01
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Bloemen drogen 04

We've picked beautiful wild flowers.

Open the press and place two sheets of kitchen paper inside.

Place the flowers on top, press gently open.

Put fresh paper on top and arrange more flowers on it.

Bloemen drogen 05
Bloemen drogen 06
Bloemen drogen 07

Another layer of flowers and we're done.

Cover the flowers with paper and cardboard.

Put the top on and twist the screws into the holes.

Tighten the butterfly nuts firmly and set the press aside, the flowers should dry for at least 2 weeks!
Such fun when the flower press can finaly be openend ...
Bloemen drogen 08
Bloemen drogen 09
Bloemen drogen 10

The flowers have dried.

We remove them all from the press.

Remove the packaging from the picture frame.

Bloemen drogen 11
Bloemen drogen 12
Bloemen drogen 13
Bloemen drogen 14

Open the picture frame.

Trace the passe partout.

Cut out the card stock.

Stick the flowers on the cardstock.

Bloemen drogen 15
Bloemen drogen home

Place the cardstock in the frame and close it.

Find a nice spot for the picture frame.

We're happy!