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We make a insect hotel

a craft by Oerrr
Animal Crafts and Painting
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What do you need?
terracotta flower pot(s)
acrylic paint in various colours
bamboo stick
straw or hay
acrylic paint varnish

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In the brochure of Oerrr they show you how simple you can make a snug insect hotel to put in the garden, super fun! The mini-monsters are immediately enthusiastic, so we start immediately. A Rainbow hotel is being painted because ladybugs like that, says our Puk. He assumes that they will move in quickly ;) There is also a Space hotel, that theme is very much alive here at the moment, as it will also turn out to be on snazzie in June.
How to make quick an insect-hotel on a stick
Insectenhotel 01
Insectenhotel 02
Insectenhotel 03
Insectenhotel 04

We put some pretty colours of paint on a plate and paint away!

We do not have to tell it twice to the mini-monsters!

They do their best to make their hotels look pretty, so do we.

Then we place the pots outside, to dry in the sunshine.

When the paint has dried thoroughly we give the pot(s) a layer of varnish, then the paint will last long.

Insectenhotel 05
Insectenhotel 06
Insectenhotel 07

Cut the bamboo sticks to size.

Tie a long string to the stick.

Stick the string through the pot, then fill it..

Insectenhotel 09
Insectenhotel 08

Pack your hotel with hay then hang it in the garden.

Or push a stick in the ground and put your hotel on top.

Now let's wait for the guests to arrive!