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We sow tomatoes again

we start inside
Kitchen Garden, Sowing, and Outdoor Play
Tomato plants side

What do you need?
seed starting potting mix
tomato seeds
seed tray with cover
a small spoon
spray bottle with water
6-7 terra cotta plant pots

Tomato plants side ll

Growing your own tomato plants you do inside (April 10), it is still to cold outside. When the seeds have grown into plants and you have repotted them once they can go outside any time after the 15th of May. You can replant them in soil (in the garden) or in a big planting pot (on your balcony).

How to sow tomatoes

Tomato plants 01
Tomato plants 02
Tomato plants 03
Tomato plants 04

Fill up the holes to 2/3 with soil.

Firstly pour the seeds into your hand.

Divide the seeds over the holes in the potting tray.

Cover the seeds with the special seed potting soil.

Tomato plants 05
Tomato plants 06
Tomato plants 07

Moisten the soil in the seed tray thoroughly using a spray bottle.

Place the tray in the window, seeds need light and warmth to germinate.

Moisten the soil twice a day and the seeds will germinate after 3 days.

Tomato plants 08
Tomato plants 09
Tomato plants 10
Tomato plants 11

The seeds grow fast, you can watch them grow.

Do not forget to spray liberally twice a day.

Then the seeds become little plants in 10 days.

The little seedlings are ready to be repotted into plant pots.

Tomato plants 12
Tomato plants 13
Tomato plants 14

Spoon moist soil in the pots, scoop the plants out of the seed tray.

Make a little well in the middle, place the seedlings in the wellss.

Fill up the pots with potting mix and spray the top soil with water as well.

Tomato plants 15
Tomato plants 16
Tomato plants 17

25-04 Place the repotted plants in a warm, sunny spot again.

29-04 Water the plants twice a day and you'll see them grow super fast!

03-05 See the difference ;) Now and then turn the box to the light.

After the Ice Saints (May 15) the babies can move outside!