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Willewete - Nature

everything about electricity
Science, Dutch language, Picture Book, and Nature
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Willewete - Elektriciteit
Author: Lucas Arnoldussen
Illustrator: Hiky Helmantel
Original language: Dutch
Translated into English: not
Published: June 2018
Publishers: Clavis
EAN: 9789044832136
Price: € 17.95 (HC)
Age:  5 years and up

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Wow, Sinterklaas brings a book from the Willewete series! Electricity was on the wish list of one of the mini-monsters and surely, it was right on time delivered on December 5th. We're only getting to reading it now and it's a great book!

Our mini monsters have many questions about electricity and energy and the author of this book - Lucas Arnoldussen - knows how to answer them all. He does that in a clear, understandable way for kids, so we are very happy with the book too!

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The book has a pleasant appearance due to the funny, cheerfully coloured illustrations by Hiky Helmantel. Her drawings bring an important, serious subject like electricity-saving and clean energy, through visual support, to the attention of children in a good way. Look how cozily we are all busy together in the kitchen, early in the morning. A really fun educational book!

3 pleasantly soft glowing stars for Elektriciteit (Electricity), from the little listeners and the readers!