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Winter lights

look beautiful on cold, dark days
Cutting & Pasting, Winter, and Lantern
Winterlichtje sidepic

What do you need?
a transparant printer sheet
tissue paper
glue stick
silver paper
tea or LED light

Winterlichtje home

Cosy winter lights are quickly made with the kids, even the little ones can join in. With coloured tissue- or kite paper you can make them in pastel or bright colours.

How to make winterlights
Cut off the A4 printer sheet lengthwise, to the desired height

Winterlichtje 01
Winterlichtje 02
Winterlichtje 03
Winterlichtje 04

Cut squares of  3x3 cm.

Spread glue on the printer sheet.

Press on the squares.

Stick on punched out figures.

Winterlichtje 05
Winterlichtje 06
Winterlichtje 07

Glue the ends on the back closed.

Place a Led- or tea light in the lantern.

Place your lantern in a nice spot.