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Hello Kitty!

How to make her house
Animal Crafts, Felt, Sewing, and Learn while playing
Hello kitty sidepic
What do you need?
Felt, white and hot pink for the house
felt, light blue (windows) yellow and green
matching yarn and needles
fiberfill, fabric
pinking shears
Hello kitty home

Today we make a Quiet book for a little girl who loves Hello Kitty. We start with the outside of Kitty's house, next week we set up the rooms and then we make Kitty and her friends and their clothes.

How to make the front and back of Kitty's house
We almost always use the blanket stitch but sometimes we use the lockstitch. We used the lockstitch on the door-window, the letterbox and on the grass in the back garden.

Hello kitty 01
Hello kitty 02
Hello kitty 03
Hello kitty 04

We drew a house but you can download the template.

Cut out the house, cut the figures later on.

Pin the house and the roof on felt, we choose white & pink.

Cut out both house and roof then pin them on Fiberfill.

Hello kitty 05
Hello kitty 06
Hello kitty 07

Cut out the roof including Fiberfill.

Blanket stitch the roof on the house.

Cut out the door and windows.

Hello kitty 08
Hello kitty 09
Hello kitty 10
Hello kitty 11

Sew the roof on the house.

Trace the windows on the felt.

Cut the windows open.

Cut the circle and the slit from the door.

Cut out the 'glass' for all windows, the door knob and the letterbox.

Hello kitty 12
Hello kitty 13
Hello kitty 14a

Pin all the loose parts on the house then sew them on too.

Cut out of felt - using the pattern - the back of the house, the window and the roof, sew it on.

Cut the grass for the garden as well, use pinking shears for the top and sew it on.

Cut the filling for the front and the back of the house already, the front with a chimney and the back without one. Pin them on.

Hello kitty 15
Hello kitty home

You can fill the garden with buttons and flowers.

At Schröder Fashion Fabrics we found these cute Hello Kitty buttons.

The book's cover is ready now, we continue next week. Then we cut the rooms and we fill them with furniture, that works easier. See you then!