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How to assemble your gnome

Let's sew!
Spring, Waldorf crafts, Sewing, Needlework, Dolls, and Knitting
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What do you need?
various colours of wool
a large darning needle
woolen filling
cotton thread


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Now that all parts of the gnome have been knitted, you can assemble the little guy. This is not difficult, but you do need to take care. We have taken many pictures so that you can clearly see how to do it. Apologies for the colour differences in the photos, which are due to the changing weather.

How to assemble your gnome

Staret with the small parts. the hat and the arms

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Fold the hat inside out in half.

Sew the edge neatly closed.

Turn the hat out and set it aside.

How to make the hands and arms

Firstly close the little hands

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Move the stitches from the knitting needle to the darning needle.

Pull the thread firmly tight and then tie it off.

Lace the thread through the side and cut it off.

Do the same with the second thread, stick through and cut off.

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Do the same with the third thread.

Close the arm using the last thread.

Now you close the head.

The head is closed in the same way as the hands, carefully move the stitches from the knitting needle to the darning needle
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Pull the thread firmly tight.

Then sew the edges together.

Tie off, lace through and cut off the thread.

Firstly close the feet and legs

Naai de kabouter 15
Naai de kabouter 16
Naai de kabouter 17
Naai de kabouter 18

Close the feet and legs in the same way.

Leave the back open to fill the gnome.

Fill the head, feet, legs and then the back through the gap.

Close the back in the same way again.

Naai de kabouter 19
Naai de kabouter 20
Naai de kabouter 21

Fill the hands and arms.

Sew the hands on the body.

Sew the hat onto the head.

Finally,  give your gnome some shape by giving it a neck and bending its feet slightly

Naai de kabouter 22
Naai de kabouter 23
Naai de kabouter 24
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String a cotton thread through te undersideof the head and pull.

Do the same with the feet, string, pull on and tie off.

Pass the thread through the doll and cut them off.

Sew three stitches on top of each othes as buttons.

Naai de kabouter 25
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You can sew on eyes in the same way.

We also knit a little gnome friend!

Our monsters like the little gnomes but where are the toadstools? Yeah sure!!