This Sinterklaas present

can be for Christmas too!

Kleine huisjes sidepic
What do you need?
wooden slats of a different thickness
saw and mitre
sand paper
white and black acrylic paint & brushes
permanent marker, black
Acrylic paint in various colours & a tiny brush
varnish and a brush
Kleine huisjes sidepicll

These cute little houses are an advantageous and quickly made gift for all ages in these expensive months. You can use them as a nice decoration but children love to play with them. Make as few or as many as you like. Not much work and a big succes, what else do you seek in a gift?


How to make the houses

Kleine huisjes 01
Kleine huisjes 02
Kleine huisjes 03

Saw off rectangles of wood.

Saw  off some triangles.

Paint the houses white.

Allow the paint to dry overnight, but first paint the appartment buildings.

Kleine huisjes 04
Kleine huisjes 05
Kleine huisjes 06
Kleine huisjes 07

Mix white with black paint.

Paint the buildings grey.

Cut a cardboard template.

Draw windows and doors.

  • Paint coloured roofs on the white houses with acrylic paint
  • Draw windows and doors with a permanent black marker
  • Fill them in with acrylic paint using a tiny paint brush
  • Allow the windows to dry for a few hours
Kleine huisjes 08
Kleine huisjes home

Give all houses a layer of varnish then allow them to dry overnight.

Happy with our cute houses!

P.S. Do you prefer to make the houses a Christmas gift then you can easily add some Christmas cheer!