A Unicorn surprise

is quickly made!

Unicorn surprise sidepic
What do you need?
an empty tube or container
a oiece of felt, white
small pieces felt, black, pink and white
scissors and glue
craft paper, white and pastel coloured
gold paint & gold glitter
Unicorn surprise sidepicll

The Unicorn surprise is quickly made and not hard to do. And yet we work with different materials and techniques. We cut and glue and we fold, it's a fun project! Make sure the plastic lid will be on the underside so the present can be taken out easily.

How to make a Unicorn surprise

Unicorn surprise 01
Unicorn surprise 02
Unicorn surprise 03
Unicorn surprise 04

Stick white paper on tube, to prevent lettering coming through.

Cut out a strip of white felt, glue it on the white paper.

Trace the tube then cut out the circle of white felt.

Stick the white felt circle on the underside of the tube.

Please mind! Do not stick the circle on the underside of the Unicorn, that's the plastic lid! But stick it on top of the Unicorn which is the underside of the tube!

Unicorn surprise 05
Unicorn surprise 06
Unicorn surprise 07

Cut out eyes, ears, nose and cheeks.

Stick all on the Unicorn's face.

Make some paper flowers.

Unicorn surprise 10
Unicorn surprise 11
Unicorn surprise 12
Unicorn surprise 13

Cut out 7 circles of coloured paper.

Cut until you reach the center.

Slide the cut on each other.

Glue the overlap.

  • Repeat this wih 5 more circles, leave the 7th flat, stick the 6 'hats' on circle 7, then in each other.
  • Cut slits in a strip of paper then roll it, glue the rolled up strip in the heart of the flower and ruffle it.
  • Stick the flowers on the Unicorn's forehead.


For more flowers check out youtube.nl

Unicorn surprise 14
Unicorn surprise 16
Unicorn surprise 17

This is how the flower should look.

Roll a horn of paper and glue it.

Cut off straight to the right size.

Unicorn surprise 18
Unicorn surprise home

Paint the horn gold then dust with glitter.

Stick the horn on the Unicons head, your done!

Happy December 5th!